Thursday, 31 October 2013

Winter solutions

Daisy dress + jumper - Topshop
Doc Marten shoes + cracked dress - ASOS

Brrr! I don't know about you but I'm really starting to really feel the cold out there, however despite this, I refuse stop wearing my ditzy little summer dresses, so here's my plan for the coming season - a good selection of wooly jumpers for layering on top, some sturdy lookin' shoes to stop me falling on my ass when the inevitable ice arrives, and those super cosy tights that one can usually find in Primark (maybe more than one pair worn at once).

I maaaaaay have already purchased the fluffy blue jumper... and let me tell you... ITS SO FLUFFY! I initially bought it to style in my fashion shoot project, but ended up becoming way too attached to just send it back so it now sits in my wardrobe. I have no self control. But if you were to just go into your nearest Topshop and have a wee feel of it yourself, you will understand why.

Next week I'll be travelling down to Edinburgh to scout out some locations for my shoot, so keep an eye out for some behind the scenes images from my project for you to feast your eyes on right here. I'm very excited about it, especially as I'll be collaborating with an old friend and photographer miss Fiona Rennie and our beautiful Taylor Swift look-a-like model Suzy.

Claire x

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tropical Love

Kimono  -  Love
Skirt  -  River Island
Top  -  Elle Magazine
Bag  -  TK Maxx

Blimey, what a change in weather from the last post! I took full advantage of this spontaneous burst of sunshine and bared my pale legs for what might be the last chance I get this year for all I know. Although winter may not be all that bad now that I've discovered this indoor garden center just around the corner from me, its a little tropical paradise all year around, complete with turtles and koi fish - what more could I need?

Anyhu, I came across this kimono on Love a couple of months ago and haven't been able to part with it since, It is definitely the most used number in my wardrobe at the moment. There's just something about the lightweight swooshyness (yes, that is a word) and intricate dark floral pattern that makes you feel so elegant without actually having to make that much effort, you could throw this baby over a sack and there you'd have it - instant sophistication.

There are still a few similar kimonos available on their site here and here, and I can't stop eyeing up this baroque printed addition here. Currently trying to weigh up the pro's and con's of purchasing another one... surely I should be investing in hats, gloves and scarves at the moment... although a kimono does look rather lovely layered underneath the right kind of jacket, that's enough justification for winter usage... right?

Claire x

Saturday, 19 October 2013


So! This is me taking my very first (wobbly) Bambi steps into blogging. Admittedly I've been lurking in the fashion blogosphere for quite a while now so it is about time I contributed something instead of just hiding behind a computer screen in the sweet comfort of my onesie gawking at all you lovely fashionable people out there,

 - and what better a way to begin my blog than sharing with you what I got up to today?

Bag & Scarf - TK Maxx // Coat - River Island (old)

I finally got around to exploring Stonehaven today with my mum who has travelled over from Lewis to come and visit me this weekend, and despite the constant rain, we made a jolly good day of it. Seeking shelter from the downpour, we headed into a place called the Ship Inn, which is located on this picturesque little sea front and it is here that I scoffed down a honey and whisky cheesecake (I ate the orange fruit thingy before I took the picture, I'm afraid) it was utterly delicious. Afterwards we explored the ins and outs of this lovely old fishing village and I managed to find this sort of bus shelter to stand under while my dearest mother did a wonderful job of working out how to use the camera on my phone. I hadn't planned on using my phone but my original camera and I had a little disagreement beforehand. Anyway... I wanted to show off my most recent purchase, the satchel bag - my mum claimed she had an exact copy of it in boarding school. It horrified me to think she threw it away instead of passing it down to me! Awful parenting I tell you. I had thought that getting a good quality real leather satchel bag would burn quite a big hole in my student pockets, so I was more than amazed to find this little gem sitting in TK Maxx within my price reach. It is safe to say that we are now in love, I just can't wait for it to begin looking a little distressed.

Claire x