Saturday, 19 October 2013


So! This is me taking my very first (wobbly) Bambi steps into blogging. Admittedly I've been lurking in the fashion blogosphere for quite a while now so it is about time I contributed something instead of just hiding behind a computer screen in the sweet comfort of my onesie gawking at all you lovely fashionable people out there,

 - and what better a way to begin my blog than sharing with you what I got up to today?

Bag & Scarf - TK Maxx // Coat - River Island (old)

I finally got around to exploring Stonehaven today with my mum who has travelled over from Lewis to come and visit me this weekend, and despite the constant rain, we made a jolly good day of it. Seeking shelter from the downpour, we headed into a place called the Ship Inn, which is located on this picturesque little sea front and it is here that I scoffed down a honey and whisky cheesecake (I ate the orange fruit thingy before I took the picture, I'm afraid) it was utterly delicious. Afterwards we explored the ins and outs of this lovely old fishing village and I managed to find this sort of bus shelter to stand under while my dearest mother did a wonderful job of working out how to use the camera on my phone. I hadn't planned on using my phone but my original camera and I had a little disagreement beforehand. Anyway... I wanted to show off my most recent purchase, the satchel bag - my mum claimed she had an exact copy of it in boarding school. It horrified me to think she threw it away instead of passing it down to me! Awful parenting I tell you. I had thought that getting a good quality real leather satchel bag would burn quite a big hole in my student pockets, so I was more than amazed to find this little gem sitting in TK Maxx within my price reach. It is safe to say that we are now in love, I just can't wait for it to begin looking a little distressed.

Claire x

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