Thursday, 14 November 2013

Inspiration for the shoot!

Cardigan - Mango

This weekend I got to spend some time on the blustery Isle of Lewis, and I'm afraid these are the best fashion shots I could negotiate with the wind, it was determined to make each shot either blurry or a wild display of long hair and yes, I do own a pretty impressive beard on the second shot. That cardigan on the other hand is something else, I keep it at home so I know I'll always have something waiting for me to wrap myself up in. Boy, does it feel cosy, and its proved itself to be a good little investment too, over the years it has kept its shape and hasn't gone out of fashion, I especially like the diamond pattern detail - which you can probably just about make out in the wind buffeted snapshots. 

With my fashion shoot project still in mind I used my spare time at home to put together an inspiration board in preparation, I've found it helps to show this to the photographer and the model so that everyone can see whats going on inside my noodle brain. Nothing gets my point across better than a carefully thought out arrangement of pretty pictures, I have even more on my pinboard here. I love the idea of a slightly geeky/coffee spippin'/whimsy and almost Parisian feeling theme, a beret will most certainly make an appearance. 

Next post will be full of photo shoot snaps! Fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

Claire x

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