Monday, 2 December 2013

Walk like a penguin

Coat - New Look
Striped jumper - Joules
Dress - H&M
Scarf - TK Maxx

Could be something to do with the stripes but I'm feeling rather french in this outfit, you may notice that this is also the grandad coat that I nabbed from the photo shoot - it goes perfect with my whole wardrobe so I'm pretty smitten with my decision to keep a hold of it. You can't really tell from photographs but the texture of this is what really makes it for me, sort of like a very short haired faux fur material which gives it a neat finish, and it doesn't look like it'll ever bobble which is something that can be a real disappointment when it comes to fabric coats, so I'm counting on this one to last me a while. 

A little tip in case you haven't already come across it; shave - yep, shave those bobbly coats to get them to look good as new again, and I've found that does work for a while until you have to do it again, and I'm always wary of doing it to the point where it ruins the appearance and wears the fabric thin. Perhaps I should walk more like a penguin to avoid chafing them to bits... but then again people might just think I'm walking with a swagger and I don't think I'm the type to pull that off. 

Claire x

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